Manufactured Architecture: Light-Weight Prefabrication in High-Rise Buildings

Nonda Katsalidis
Director and Partner
Fender Katsalidis Architects, Melbourne

This presentation explored the approaches to custom prefabricating high-rise structures that over the last eight years have been designed and built as prefabricated systems covering both residential and hotel typologies in Australia and internationally. The first methodology employed volumetric prefabrication utilizing steel monocoque shells. These units were built and the interiors prefinished and delivered to site for rapid assembly.

The second methodology explored for high-rise prefabrication utilizes panelized elements that are engineered to work together as a structure with an integrated fa├žade. A high degree of prefabrication is achieved by incorporating services and custom finished prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens.
The building weight is reduced by 40 percent, and there is a 60 percent reduction in cement use resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The objective is to transform construction into a factory based manufacturing process with the consequent increase in productivity, safety, and financial savings inherent in these methodologies.

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