Cities: The Orphans of Public Policy in Australia

Tim Williams
Committee for Sydney, Sydney

Australian cities are now being recognized in a Federal policy shift, but reality and rhetoric need to be weighed up. A city-wide committee has been formed to develop the city’s agendas and to assess progress on urban development. In particular, the committee will review the emerging City Deals framework that is part of implementation of the Australian Government's Smart Cities Plan. Through this review, it will provide guidance on how Australian cities can move towards better metropolitan governance and coordination with more participatory, data-driven decision making.

We now understand that the future of tall buildings is linked to the quality of the built and political environment that surrounds them – the transport infrastructure, the public open-space networks, the social infrastructure, and the conditions that allow communities to debate and interrogate trade-offs associated with dense urban environments. This presentation provided directions of travel to help Australian cities meet the challenges of unprecedented population growth and the associated social, political, and economic change.

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