Digital Design & Construction – Delivering the Intelligent Built Environment

Joshua Ridley
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Ridley, Sydney

We’re living in a unique period of history. Many refer to this as the fourth industrial revolution: universal, mobile, super computing; self-driving cars; and the embryonic stages of Artificial Intelligence, to name a few innovations of our time. The evidence is prevalent in each facet of our lives and its impact is expanding exponentially; but what will be the impact of this new wave of change on our industry? Who will be the leaders, winners, and losers when physical and digital worlds collide?

There is a new approach that is disrupting the industry – “Digital Design & Construction.” It’s about digitizing the way buildings and infrastructure are delivered. This approach will enable our industry to respond to rapidly changing community expectations, shifting market dynamics, and new technologies, all whilst working across multiple time zones, locations, and disciplines. It will mean that hospitals, transportation, homes, buildings, and cities will soon become part of one intelligent ecosystem, transforming the lives of millions. Example projects at the edge of this change include The Ribbon – a AU$700 million, five-star hotel in Sydney, where a completely digital approach is being adopted by a new breed of companies emerging in the construction sector.

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