Making Livability Pay for Itself

Chris Hayton
Rothelowman, Melbourne

Australia’s population is racing towards 30 million and the density of our cities continues to increase. It is becoming increasingly important that we provide higher density, high-quality livable housing, without compromising the amenities for residents and the wider city. This presentation examined how economic, planning, and financial pressures need not be a barrier to the provision of high-quality amenities that support the development of communities in a higher density model. As the typology of buildings change in our cities, generally resulting in smaller dwellings, the provision of well-designed and meaningful amenity and community space has become more critical. This presentation put forward a view that the amenity of smaller dwellings and the broader community can be greatly improved through the provision of green shared space available to residents as a catalyst for financial reward to both the developers and the owner’s corporation. Through a series of case studies and evidence-based review, this presentation demonstrated how financial, economic, and social benefits can drive designers and developers to provide high-quality green shared spaces to the medium- and high-density property market.

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