Towers in Place: An Essay on Tower Design and 35 Spring Street

Kristen Whittle
Bates Smart, Melbourne

Melbourne is regularly cited as the world’s most livable city. However, the significant impact of population growth is challenging the city’s livability status, especially within the CBD, which is the epicenter of the current growth cycle. It is important that we negate the impacts of supersized urban densification and invent vertical architecture that contributes to the livability of our contemporary cities. This presentation demonstrated how our recent tower projects promote place making and livability within the city. Particular focus centered upon the newly completed residential tower, 35 Spring Street, the only high-density luxury apartment building in Melbourne’s CBD to sell 100 percent off the plan.

35 Spring Street defines and completes the urban edge of the city and has had an extraordinary impact on the identity and revitalization of the eastern boundary of the CBD. The building’s intricate and sculptural form distinguishes it as a unique residential tower within the Melbourne skyline.

Highlighting an array of similar sized tower projects now being undertaken by the studio, this presentation focused on its customizable design process and the way in which it generates tall building solutions that revitalize contexts and promote livability.

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