PassivHaus – The Standard for High-Comfort, Low-Energy and High-Quality Construction

Johanna Trickett
ESD Consultant
Aurecon, Melbourne

This presentation introduced the German PassivHaus (PH) standard and the key opportunities it provides to the Australian market. Australia faces the urgent need to significantly reduce carbon emissions, despite the challenge of population growth. Our cities are growing in response to the need for additional urban accommodation. But how are we supposed to decrease our emissions without rapidly increasing our buildings’ performance? The PH tool offers an answer to this question. This low-energy building standard is currently gaining major traction around the world. More than 20,000 commercial and residential projects have been built to date using this approach. Describing a small number of building performance requirements, it is simple in principle – but not easy to achieve. A key requirement is a healthy balance of energy gains and losses, achieved through high-performance façades and heat recovery ventilation. Certified buildings achieve an energy reduction of 75 to 90 percent. In combination with the standard’s stringent comfort benchmarks, this can only be achieved through high-quality building design and construction. The PH standard offers a tool that verifies quality construction, high occupant comfort, and low energy consumption through third-party certification.

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