Why Precincts are the Answer to Zero-Carbon Buildings

Lester Partridge
LCI Australia Pty Ltd., Sydney

Despite great advances in energy efficiency, commercial buildings are still unable to operate without connecting to external grid-based utility energy services. To achieve net-zero carbon, buildings must import (or off-set) green energy. This presentation considered how large a precinct needs to be to support the energy requirements of a tall building, should it be deemed net zero carbon? The objective was to explore the impact of typical mixed-use precincts on energy consumption and carbon emissions, and to look at the technologies and scale of renewable energy systems required to achieve zero-carbon precincts.

Should our legislators require all new buildings/precincts to have their net energy consumption off-set by remote renewable energy sources? Rather than pursue ineffective building-mounted renewable energy systems, should we be connecting our cities by developing economic incentives at the time of construction, which promote off-setting energy consumption through remote renewable energy generation.? The presentation aimed to quantify the theoretical size of a precinct necessary to support a contemporary tall zero-carbon commercial building.

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