Growing New Cities: Generative Design & the Future of Urban Environments

Anthony Hauck
Director of Product Strategy
Autodesk, Boston

With the advent of increasingly available contextual data, performance simulation, scripting environments, machine learning algorithms, and scalable computation, the practice of building design in urban environments is poised to employ new methodologies to arrive at better decisions. As computational design environments evolve to capture expertise from aggregated performance data and professional knowledge, our tools will become more like partners than pencils. This will help the AEC industry offer optimal solutions rooted in verifiable data and logic, rather than merely recording conclusions arrived at by external means. Advances in the application of computation to adjacent and seemingly unrelated creative and scientific fields presage new opportunities in building design, fabrication, and construction that will support the delivery of increasingly humane, sustainable, and resilient urban environments, able to accommodate changes in climate, demographics, industries, and economics. In this presentation, we explored some of the latest thinking at the intersection of computation and design in urban contexts, and outlined what newly applied technologies may mean for the practice of making building decisions.

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