The Agile Building – New Connections in the Vertical City

Ken McBryde
Sydney Architecture Studio, Sydney

By their very nature, towers do not suit their occupants, as they lack the flexibility of changing team sizes. Single-use buildings remove the vital encounters of the ground plane. Hermetically sealed buildings deny connection to the outside. The Agile tower makes new connections through four key design characteristics. Its vertical circulation is akin to trams in the high street: from the nearest stop, we walk to our office, home, or retail outlet. The Agile building offers a generous shared indoor and outdoor green lift lobby (tram stop) every five floors. Additionally, the twin towers comprise a narrow residential component, back to back with a commercial floor plate, and can operate independently or symbiotically. Tenants can take floors that offer combinations of both uses. Residents will be attracted to the vibe in the shared indoor and outdoor lobby spaces. A dedicated concierge lets tenants adjust their leases to match dynamic work forces. Start-ups in residual spaces benefit from the chance encounter the “big end of town” and vice versa. Wind pressure differentials inherent with towers permit new approaches to ventilation connecting occupants to the “biofilic tonic” outdoors.

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