A Challenging Journey for the Third CTF Finance Centre

De Ming (Derry) Yu
Project Director
New World China Land Limited, Hong Kong

Following the completion of the contemporary 530-meter Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre in 2016, the future-oriented 530-meter Tianjin CTF Finance Centre will be completed in 2018. Both projects have been exquisitely tailored to connect with the surrounding buildings by considering the local history, culture, and life style of the people. As artisans, the developers and architects threw themselves into the design management of the landmark Wuhan CTF Finance Centre, which will re-shape the skyline of the central Chinese city.

Wuhan CTF Finance Centre is a mixed-use project with a total CFA of around 750,000 square meters, located in Wuhan's CBD. It comprises a 648-meter office tower with four sky lobbies and four apartment blocks connected by a clubhouse and mall. For such a challenging high-rise building, the structural scheme will impact the construction time and cost. During the long journey for selecting an efficient structural scheme and working with the dedicated consultant teams, the developers listed out key issues from the very beginning and studied different solutions, lessons, and experiences from other projects to come to a more cost-effective scheme.

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