Kaka'ako – Transforming a Former Warehouse Area Into a Vibrant Pedestrian-Oriented Community

Steven Baldridge
Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering, Inc. (BASE), Honolulu

Honolulu, with its high land costs and growing housing shortage, is experiencing a surge in high-rise construction. At the same time, a long-planned transit line has started construction. Ideally the two will be meshed together, capitalizing on opportunities for transit-oriented development to horizontally connect these towers to the rest of the city. Planning is in place to guide the redevelopment of an area of former warehouse and low-rise buildings into a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented urban community.

This presentation highlighted the development of more than 20 towers in and around the final three stations of the new transit line. The challenge is in balancing the economic viability of large-scale construction projects with the needs for affordable housing and community enhancements, inclusion, and connectivity. While the goals are similar and to some extent mandated by urban planning rules, each project is unique in its approach. In a very short period of time, an area of the city will be transformed forever and therefore, the importance of doing this right cannot be understated.

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