The Future of Constructing Tall Buildings

George Argyrou
Hickory Group, Melbourne

This presentation examined an innovative construction method to deliver tall buildings in a more sustainable and energy efficient manner. Utilizing a flexible, "best for project" solution, focusing on continuous innovation and stakeholder collaboration, we aim to contribute towards raising the standard of construction methods of tall buildings worldwide. The presentation explored the design, procurement, and delivery phases for tall building construction, as well as the labor, cost, and energy savings that can be applied to projects, and how they can benefit the dense urban environment.

A recent case study of Australia’s tallest prefabricated building, La Trobe Tower, demonstrates that by manufacturing large prefabricated components off site – such as façades, structures, and bathrooms – a 30 to 50 percent reduction in construction timelines can be achieved, along with a minimized our carbon footprint. Additionally, BIM to manufacturing in the early tender stage creates a more accurate and cost-effective bill of materials, minimizing the amount of waste produced.

As the majority of construction work is performed in a controlled environment, downtime due to inclement weather can be reduced and, therefore, improvements can be made to personnel safety by reducing the need to work at heights. Using this type of construction, after hours installation of city projects can be carried out quietly, without impacting neighboring communities, leading to reduced traffic congestion and better outcomes for local residents and businesses. We concluded that this method of construction is revolutionizing how we build tall buildings, achieving higher quality outcomes and levels of productivity.