Vertical Schools – Are They on the Up?

Shu-Hsin Soong
Technical Director & Education Sector Leader

The purpose of this presentation was to convey the lessons learned in delivering vertical schools, through experience from around the world as well as the existing institutions in Australia. Consistent with the world’s best, Australian schools are continuing to evolve and transform through the creation of vertical schools, both in the shape of new built facilities and through repurposing and "upcycling" existing buildings. Successful delivery of vertical city schools not only involves sound engineering and architectural design, but also the development of new policies and planning that supports their use.

The presentation discussed the evolution of schools in Australia and how densification and demographics are transforming Australian cities, whether we like it or not. It addressed the architectural and urban design of new vertical city schools to ensure current pedagogical needs are met. It also discussed the design policies developed to address a school's sense of arrival, location, and operation, so that they fulfil the functions and goals of today’s and future learning styles and requirements.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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