City Light: Pieces, Places and Postcards

Charles Stone II
Fisher Marantz Stone, New York City

For urban nocturnal reinvention, the agents of change are municipalities, developers, urban planners, architects, and lighting designers. We are being asked to re-imagine and re-illuminate the public realm, to realize new visions of the city that provide beauty, comfort, and technology. There is a pressure on process, brought about by embodied energy, net-zero aspirations, and the emphasis on social responsibility, intersecting new, luminous expressions of the typology and architecture of tall. We must discover the indigenous opportunities found in city waterfronts, promenades, bridges, and tall buildings. This work entails myriad pieces, at places across each city, and is born of a yearning for beautiful nightscapes, punctuated by the tall – postcards of City Light. The learning objectives of this presentation were as follows: (1) outline the impacts of City Light, tall and small, on the environment, wildlife, human health, and the business of the city, and the resulting new design parameters; (2) understand the component pieces of illuminated architecture, landscape, and infrastructure; (3) categorize the unique opportunities for place-making found in each city; and (4) review nightscape skylines – the postcards – and consider the future.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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