Helping Cities Plan High-Rise Growth

David Pontarini
Hariri Pontarini Architects, Toronto

This presentation shared the results of two studies, both completed for the City of Toronto, that focus on helping cities navigate the issues associated with high-rise growth. The first, "The Downtown Tall Buildings Study," developed a new vision for how tall buildings should fit in downtown Toronto: where they belong, how tall they should be, and how they should be designed in order to relate appropriately to people and their surroundings. It focused on harnessing the vitality and energy of well-designed and well-located tall buildings to positively invigorate downtown streets and contribute to making great cities. The second, "Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities," focused on how cities can better accommodate families in high-rise dominated, dense urban cores by exploring the needs of families at three scales: the unit, the building, and the neighborhood. The findings of these studies provide strategies and guidelines to help connect high-rise developments to the people, communities, and cities of which they are part.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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