Research and Application of Viscous Damping Walls in High-Rise Buildings

Honglei Wu
Deputy Chief Engineer
Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd, Shanghai

Viscous Damping Walls (VDWs) provide seismic energy dissipation in high-rise buildings. However, applying these devices effectively is not straightforward. The presentation introduced recent achievements in VDW technology, which can be applied effectively with a clear understanding. VDWs can not only improve the structural performance of the building, but also can realize applicable economic, green and aesthetic effects.

VDWs deform in response to inter-layer shear deformation, column-beam joint rotation, column axial deformation and damping force. Each deformation mode provides an effective case through which to study VDWs, and were explored in the presentation. The corresponding requirements for the VDW and its connectors, and for VDWs located the middle of spans rather than at the ends, are studied in detail, so as to determine the appropriate damping coefficient and amplitude ratio, and to achieve optimum effectiveness. The presentation advocated for arranging VDWs in a “checkerboard” fashion throughout the structure for the best effect.

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