Take Control of Your Building Vertical Transportation Function

Michiel De Moel
Elevating Studio Pte. Ltd., Singapore

As buildings get taller and more complex, safe and reliable vertical transportation systems are increasingly important for the movement of people. Population density in existing buildings often exceeds initial design assumptions, while ongoing improvements in public transportation and infrastructure, due to more demanding traffic patterns, further increase pressure on transportation systems in buildings. Few building owners have the time, knowledge, or tools to ensure optimal management of their vertical transportation assets. Building managers struggle with the high costs of parts, labor, and upgrades, as well as billable repairs. Meanwhile, maintenance providers often struggle to find experienced technicians. As a result, we see agonized owners and tenants, suffering from long waiting times and high breakdown rates – and mantraps, too. This presentation described the methods and the tools owners can apply to improve control of the vertical transportation equipment in their buildings. These methods and tools do not only improve the safety, traffic performance, and reliability of these systems, but will also extend the life of the equipment and reduce costs by as much as 30 percent.