The Needs and Challenges of Developing High-Rise Mixed-Use Projects

Thi Le Yen
Managing Director
Lavenue Investment Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City

Generally, the challenges of developing high-rise mixed-use projects have been shared widely, including dealing with legal issues, funding, market condition changes, and other project management factors regarding safety, quality, scheduling, and cost control. Specifically, in developing countries like Vietnam, the high-rise mixed-use mission is even harder to achieve, because of additional problems such as less experience, fewer international consultants, and critically, no viable local general contractors. These factors have led to many difficulties during the course of realizing such developments, from pre-development to the operation phase. It is undeniable that high-rise mixed-use projects are remarkably indispensable, yet the challenges of these projects must still be discussed properly and managed successfully. Developers are best advised not to try to "do everything themselves," especially those in developing countries. It's critical to choose the right consultants from day one to get things done properly.

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