Overview of the Handbook for the Design of Modular Structures

James Murray-Parkes
Science & Engineering Director, Multiplex Engineering Innovations Group
Multiplex, Melbourne

Buildings expend a significant amount of the world’s resources in both construction and operation. Modular construction techniques have been advanced as a viable way to minimize environmental impact by introducing various efficiencies. However, the construction industry has been slow to adopt these techniques. This presentation provided an overview of the Handbook for the Design of Modular Structures, which has been published to offer guidance and give confidence to industry and investors in the emerging field of modular construction. Aimed as a handbook of best practices, the publication draws from existing codes and standards and acts as a comprehensive manual for modular construction that compliments standard construction. The topics that were covered included structural design, building services, architecture, durability, manufacturing, safety, and compliance.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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