The Aviation and Property Development Nexus: Aeronautical Impacts of Tall Buildings

Amin Hamzavian
AvLaw Pty, Sydney

This presentation focused on the often unknown aviation and aeronautical considerations that architects, developers, and builders of tall structures must comply with from an aviation safety and aircraft operational perspective. The underlying principles as to why airspace is protected from penetrations from building structures are provided from an aeronautical standpoint, and illustrated by a case study on recent high-profile developments included in the conference brochure, such as Barangaroo/Crown Sydney Hotel and Resort. The presentation showed how penetrations of prescribed airspace can be permitted in certain circumstances. The substantive issues were revealed through the following sub-topics: (1) Prescribed Airspace: What Is It and Why Is It Important? (2) Why Aircraft Fly Where they Do: Where Will They Go in the Future?; (3) The Regulatory Framework & International Standards (i) Seeking Approval from Aviation Authorities: Process & Stakeholders and (ii) Prescribed Airspace: Can It be Changed & How to Do It?

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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