Century-Old Urban Visions Come True: Rope-Less Elevators for the City of Tomorrow

Dario Trabucco
Research Manager
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Venice

Multi-layered streets, bridges spanning between buildings across active roads, flying vehicles to ease commuting, cities fully integrated in three dimensions…These are not the novel plans of a contemporary, visionary urban planner; rather, they are visions of architects who imagined how cities would have evolved, over a century ago. Now, thanks to recent developments in the elevator industry, a multiply-connected 3-D city can be realized, releasing the visionary designs of today’s architects from the “evolutionary bottleneck” created by the constraints of incorporating conventional elevators in tall building and urban design. How will the cities look in the future? How will tall building districts be designed, when the street level is no longer the only point of connection or interaction for building users? This presentation showcased a CTBUH research study, sponsored by thyssenkrupp, that investigates the possibilities that will be enabled for architects and urban planners by the introduction of rope-less, non-vertical elevator technologies.

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