600 Collins Street, Melbourne: A Case Study for A New Paradigm of Mixed-Use Tower Design

Michele Pasca di Magliano
Associate Director
Zaha Hadid Architects, London

This presentation focused on how 600 Collins Street will contribute to the larger urban setting and how its volumetric composition innovates the design of mixed-use towers and the tower/podium relationship. The design is the result of a rich mixed-use brief and of the introduction of a new relationship between tower, podium, and context. The volume brings residential, workplace, art spaces, and commercial F&B elements within one unifying envelope, which features coherent design intent from the podium to the tower element.

The elements of the façade design emerge from the ground plane, introducing public benefits, while the “vases” concept elevates a richness of publicly accessible spaces along the tower height. Meanwhile, horizontal breaks allow for outdoor links for common functions in addition to reducing downdraft along the façade.

The design responds to the character of Melbourne’s architecture and its livability by offering an increase of public amenities at the ground floor, a new laneway, and spaces with outdoor access at different levels. The development at 600 Collins is an elegantly crafted volume to complement Melbourne’s skyline without necessarily standing out in height or bulk from its neighbors.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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