A Next-Generation Vertical Transportation System Under Testing

Markus Jetter
Head of Research & Innovation Center Rottweil
thyssenkrupp, Stuttgart

The world’s first rope-less passenger elevator system for high-rise applications enables the building industry to face the challenges of global urbanization. Using magnetic linear-induction technology instead of ropes and hoisting wheels, MULTI represents the realization of a new elevator system, offering the ability to operate several cabins in the same shaft, moving vertically and horizontally. Such a system permits buildings to adopt new heights, shapes, and purposes. After being previewed at the 2015 CTBUH International Conference, 2017 is the next milestone in the development of MULTI, contributing to a growing body of intelligent solutions for transporting people in future cities. The public presentation of a full-size and fully functional MULTI system in a new test tower in Rottweil, Germany has now taken place. This presentation discussed initial test results, design experience, and feedback on the rope-less system from tall building professionals, as well as future integrated transportation and building design possibilities.

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