Enlightened Management of Project Problems and Disputes

Robert Peckar
Founding Partner
Peckar & Abramson, P.C, New York City

The objective of this presentation was to impart an understanding of how industry professionals can use existing processes to better solve problems and avoid the escalation of problems into claims and disputes all for the benefit of the project schedule and budget. The combination of innovative designs and logistic challenges make tall building projects particularly susceptible of substantial delay and additional costs when problems that arise during the life of the project are not resolved in a timely fashion. Projects developed by multi-national teams coming to the project with different standards, languages, and practices are likely to suffer such circumstances. Deferral of the resolution of project problems leads to disruption and substantial claims. This presentation offered explanations (and case studies) of processes that facilitate "Best Practices" to avoid claims and disputes and keep the project moving and costs under control. These include: (1) The Problem Solving Protocol, (2) Partnering, (3) Dispute Review Boards, (4) Early Neutral Evaluation, and (5) Mediation and Technical Mediation.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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