Grasping Green Requirements & Gaps in Application

Alfredo Ramirez
Latin America Business Lead
Underwriters Laboratories, Chicago

The rising application of greenery in architecture and the realization of successful systems integrated with plants and building components suggest a need for expanding and updating existing standards on various topics. The increasing diffusion of “green living spaces” in buildings, derived by the appreciation of the general public, urban planners, city governments, developers, and architects must also be considered.

This presentation provided a summary of ongoing CTBUH research into existing green requirements. The research identified existing global green requirements and examined the extent of coverage of each document. Along with documenting the coverage of existing green requirements, the Council’s research identified specific guidance that applies to installation, fire separation, and maintenance of green features incorporated in building structures. The end result of the research not only captured existing green requirements but also identified possible gaps that can impact fire and life safety aspects of building structures incorporating green features.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation

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