Medibank / 720 Bourke St

The Medibank building, which is home to Australia’s largest health insurer, opened its doors to delegates, who explored what the company claims to be one of the healthiest workplaces in the world. Among the tour highlights were a handful of work settings, ranging from indoor quiet spaces to wi-fi-enabled balconies. Participants also stopped by the multipurpose sports court and edible garden, which Medibank uses to promote healthy eating to staff, not-for-profits, and the wider community. The building also houses 520 modular planter boxes affixed to the façade, and two 25-meter-high street-facing green walls.

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Ingrid Bakker  Principal & Board Director, HASSELL

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Medibank Place / 720 Bourke Street

About Medibank Place / 720 Bourke Street

Located in Melbourne’s Docklands, Medibank Place / 720 Bourke Street was designed as the new headquarters of health insurance company Medibank. The company from the onset had an aspiration to promote this building as a healthy workplace and began the design process with a strong focus on connectivity and the maximization of daylight, greenery and the circulation of fresh air. The center of the building has a large atrium allowing natural light to reach deep into the interior while stairways within the central void create common spaces and connectivity between the floors. Workspaces were intentionally designed to offer a verity of environments from quiet spaces, to collective hubs to wifi-enabled balconies, all of which are intended to encourage activity based working as employees are… Read More

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