The 21-story residential building wears a wave-like façade made up of a series of panels, which minimized construction costs while accentuating the building’s non-rectilinear site. Attendees visited communal areas and peeked into private living areas to soak in the full experience. They were also fortunate enough to visit while an exhibition on the work of Zaha Hadid Architects (the building’s architect), as well as the Mayfair’s interior mockups, were on display.

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Michele Pascal Di Magliano Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects
Raymond Cheah Ong Chief Operating Officer, UEM Sunrise

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The Mayfair

About The Mayfair

Located within a bend of the street wall along St. Kilda Road and between two regional parks, the design of The Mayfair presents a sculpted façade turning the corner with Bowen Crescent. The fluidity of the external structure, made up of large balconies provided for each residential unit, was inspired by the landscapes and coastlines of Australia and evolved from a system of simple wave formations. During the design process, an algorithm was developed to the craft the façade as a series of panels, minimizing the costs typically associated with customization while providing for an exterior cladding which accentuates the building’s non-rectilinear site and provides for the uniquely textured exterior.

The design of The Mayfair included an active rooftop with swimming pools and… Read More

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