EQ Tower

Delegates toured the just-completed vertical community of EQ Tower, a structure unique for having been designed entirely with parametric software. Some of the most notable stops along the walkthrough were the karaoke suites and a private dining room in the rectilinear podium. Another treat: the pink-hued glass coating dazzling in the afternoon sun.

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Speaker Position & Company
Caleb Smith  Principal, Elenberg Fraser
 Matthew Khoo  Deputy Managing Director, ICD Property

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Eq. Tower

About Eq. Tower

The design process for Eq. Tower began with a desire to create an intentional visual contrast with other recently constructed residential buildings which had emerged during a building boom, transforming a traditionally commercial area of central Melbourne into a mixed-use district. The building’s residential floors are positioned above a rectilinear podium topped with a landscaped outdoor terrace. As the upper floors are set back from the edges of the site, the façade is then sculpted as a result of analyzing the effect of sunlight and wind on the building and its surroundings. Directly above the podium, the building form resembles an hour glass, with rounder corners and concave surfaces which then transitions to a diamond form featuring a convex shape for the upper half of the… Read More

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