An enlightening tour of Aurora Melbourne Central, which upon completion will become the city’s second-tallest building, focused on the efficient structural solutions developed to support it. Attendees were able to view the central core and perimeter megacolumns of the lateral stability system, as well as the traditional pad footing foundations. Positioned above Melbourne Central station, the tour also showcased how the design takes advantage of the transit-oriented location.

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 Alexei Simm  Project Director, Probuild Constructions
 Nathan Dickson  Associate, WSP


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Aurora Melbourne Central

About Aurora Melbourne Central

Located on the northern edge of Melbourne’s central business district, Aurora Melbourne Central will become the city’s second tallest building upon completion. Constructed as part of a building boom which brought an influx of residential units into the traditionally commercial city core, Aurora Melbourne Central was positioned above Melbourne Central station and was designed to take advantage of the transit oriented location while offering a diverse range of housing options split between traditional residences and serviced units.

The building is composed entirely of a reinforced concrete building structure utilizing an outrigger system with a central core and perimeter columns arraigned to maximize apartment layout flexibility while avoiding costly transfer columns where floor… Read More

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